Marina Živanović: Srbija

Učesnica Prolećne škole debate


Kao budućem studentu, a pre svega mladoj osobi, veoma mi je značila prilika da se upoznam sa radom Evropske unije. Pored toga što je svaka radionica bila vrlo edukativna i zanimljivo osmišljena, istakla bih to da su nam predavači iz BEUM-a bili na raspolaganju u svakom trenutku, uvek spremni da udele konstruktivne predloge i savete i da podrže naše ideje. Kada pomislim na BEUM, pomislim na posvećenost, profesionalnost i odlično druženje.

Milana Ćupić: Srbija

Učesnica Prolećne škole debateMilana

Danas neretko ljudi misle da znaju mnogo, dosta ili dovoljno. Tako sam i ja mislila da znam dosta o
Evropskoj uniji dok nisam pohađala par BEUM-ovih radionica. Ne samo da sam naučila mnogo, već sam uz fantastične ljude iz BEUM-a dobila želju da naučim više i da znam više. Svaka radionica je bila kreativna i sjajno osmišljena. Zanimljivo i korisno iskustvo!


Kyrill Kazakevicius: Belgium

Participated at BEUM 2013

KyrillBEUM 2013 was by far one of the best conferences I attended as a participant. It is not only the biggest MEU organized worldwide, it is also one that stands out for its remarkable organisation. Anyone who wishes to experience a simulation of the Institutions of the European Union should definitely apply for BEUM, a Model European Union conference taking place in the beautiful city of Belgrade.

Sarah Burdack: Germany

Participated at BEUM 2013


 Being part of the EU Parliament at BEUM 2013 was a life- changing experience. As a delegate I was part of the most vibrant and challenging body of the European Union. But also the city of Belgrade, the warm welcome of the organizational team and the amazing supporting program created a deep and persistent impression.

Ivan Marković: Serbia

Participated at BEUM 2011


Thanks to BEUM, for few days every year Belgrade becomes the most European spot in SE Europe. BEUM is truly the brightest star on the MEU sky for every IR student. It provides very realistic and rewarding experience with a lot of excitement, determination and tough negotiations. Great time, unforgettable people, new connections and friendships change perception of time to pre- and post-BEUM.


Nikolakos Papadopoulos: Greece

Participated at BEUM 2011, BEUM 2012 and BEUM 2013


Having gone from delegate to co-chair and part of the organizing team, I couldn’t help but notice the level of professionalism in the team. The experience and the level of the conference were among the highest I’ve seen, and that is the reason I keep participating and promoting BEUM to my friends.

Ivan Westerhof: Belgium

Participated at BEUM 2012 and BEUM 2013


When I decided to participate at Belgrade Model European Union two years ago, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. What I got were friends that will last a lifetime, an invaluable insight in international relations, and an increased ambition to further develop myself. At BEUM you will go from discussing the European border policy to drinking liters of coffee to dancing with Serbs all in a few crazy days.

Sebastian Strobl: Germany

Participated at BEUM 2013


After attending several simulations organized by students as well as professionals, the BEUM sticks out as one of the most professionally planned and conducted simulations. The organizing staff did a magnificent job at catering to the individual needs of the participants, remaining flexible in sometimes chaotic circumstances and combining locals with foreign participants. Especially the latter lets BEUM create the ties between Europeans and Serbs which will aid a more rapid European integration. This makes BEUM more than just an ordinary simulation. And if I haven’t sold you yet: the value for money is second to none!

Margot Vonthron: France

 Participated at BEUM 2013

MargotBEUM 2013 was a challenging and unique experience; I was very lucky to be part of it. During the conference, I learned more about EU politics, gained important skills that will help me throughout my career, and made lots of new friends from all over Europe and beyond. Looking back at these four days of intense debates, I feel the conference was a great success and thanks to the organising team who made the simulation run so smoothly. It was my first time in Belgrade and I did not expect it would be so great; an experience beyond expectations!

David-Jan Bosshaert: Belgium

Participated at BEUM 2013

Belgrade Model European Union proved to be a bitDJ more than I originally expected. The level of debate was high enough to keep me interested at all times, and to find myself inspired by the ideas of my delegates. Overall, chairing the European Council at BEUM proved to be a challenging task indeed, and I would strongly like to recommend this conference to anyone interested in the work of the European Union as a whole.

Anna Siek: Poland

Participated at BEUM 2011 and BEUM 2012

AnnaI had a pleasure to participate in BEUM 2011 and BEUM 2012, both conferences so different, yet so unforgettable. What I have noticed was an increasing level of professionalism and a hard work put into preparations for the simulation. Every detail was carefully prepared, so the conference as a whole would be a success and an experience as amazing for each participant as it could be. Attending BEUM is a perfect way to learn more about the EU politics but also is a chance to spend few days in Belgrade – the city one of a kind. I strongly recommend applying. If you want to experience the city, develop your skills and learn, there is no better place. Plus, the people – with participation in this project you make friends of a lifetime and become a part of growing BEUM family. I am proud to be a part of it.

Antoine Umbraine: Belgium

Participated at BEUM 2012 and BEUM 2013Antoine

BEUM is a great event to share impressions about the European Union with students from immensely diverse backgrounds. It gives participants insights on practical skills which are hard to acquire in regular curricula and provides them with a great environment to discuss big questions about their shared future.